Market Intelligence

We offer comprehensive set of professional services to our clients that provide high quality Marketing Intelligence, Sales and Marketing strategies. We conduct Market Research to your business needs, cost effective plans, suggesting the right route for selecting medium of communication keeping in mind the target audience.

Brand Registration

We endow with proficient support services to register a brand, product or services in market. The key factors are to hit upon the intended beneficiaries, selection of channels of contact and the time management.

Staff Training

Perkman train and edify staff members to become best in giving support to their organizations in several aspects; to grip over internal control checks, to expert in customer care, to exercise client facing techniques, to achieve task deadlines, to be best in security surveillance matters and for a good spokes person / PR person.

PR & Management Consultancy


Management Consultancy is a basic management tool to help sustain, retain and proliferate client relationships. This tool is also engaged in gaining sustainable competitive advantage in the market, if utilised on time with effective strategy.


Clients relationship with in the business environment are the keystone of economic growth in any industry. By building key relationship, you are already a step ahead in your success. To see tremendous growth in your business it is one of the essential key to unlock the doors of success.



Perkman Associates Pvt Ltd is registered in England & Wales Under Registeration No : 07812977

at Registered Office: 33 – Albany Road, Hornchurch, Essex, RM12 4AE

Business Support Consultants


Perkman is aimed to give the best services to its clients for making their communication planning, market analysis, message construction, advertising campaigns and by giving innovative ideas for business promotion. We pride ourselves as expert in support services; we train people to diffuse the required message/information to their target beneficiaries/audiences; we assist our clients to maintain market intelligence and message construction matters, up keeping them with communication planning and business promotional campaigns.

The Perks enjoys by Perkman’s clients is our Managing Directors’ vast experience in market research, in delivering communication & marketing policies keeping in mind target audiences, in maintaining business compliances, in formulating cost-effective business promotion campaigns, utilizing the art of public relationing, and the staff training.